How To Track Ovulation

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When you are trying to conceive, you sometimes get too stressed when you see that your pregnancy test keeps showing negative. Don’t fret, most couples get pregnant after around 2-4 months of trying to conceive, some couples take longer than that. Pregnancy doesn’t just happen in a blink of an eye. According to, there are several factors why attempts to getting pregnant aren’t successful. A woman only has a 2-day window of opportunity every cycle. That is when she is ovulating. If the sperm isn’t able to catch the egg when the woman ovulates, chances of getting pregnant may not be possible.
The woman should be able to track her cycle and her ovulation day to make sure they don’t miss that short window of opportunity when trying to conceive. There are several ways to track ovulation. A woman can either use a basal body thermometer or an ovulation predictor kit; both are available over the counter. She can also use an online fertility app for android/iPhone user, or can even detect ovulation just by checking her cervical mucus. 


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