Majestic Pure Rosehip Oil ~ Review

Welcome to my review of Majestic Pure Rosehip Oil! 

100% pure and natural goodness. Certified organic cold pressed highest quality rosehip seed oil. Rosehip oil is a wonderful product for skin and hair. It’s been used by the Andean Indians of Chili for generations. 

Good things about Majestic Pure Rosehip Oil.

Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 
The vitamin C antioxidants stimulate collagen production.
Helps improve skin tone, texture and pigmentation.
Absorbs quickly into the skin.
The essential fatty acids in rose hip seed oil can help reduce scarring and promote skin regeneration. 
It’s non-greasy and light feeling on the skin.
Dab a little rosehip oil on nails and cuticles. This helps to prevent hangnails and nail breakage.
Rosehip oil is a natural source of vitamin A 

I find this rosehip oil helps to calm and moisturize my skin with a daily application. My foundation goes on smooth and looks so much better. I also use this product as a hot oil treatment for dry hair. I would say this product is a “must keep” in my beauty cabinet.  
Purchase here: Amazon

I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest opinion. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.



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