BROADCARE Hair Straightener Brush ~ Review

Hair Straightener Brush
I like the colors and design of the brush. I find the one touch operation simple, but it’s very effective on my hair. The brush takes good care of my hair when I am using it. There is no scalding, or static left behind, and it’s great at getting tangles out, and no hair breakage. It’s a sleek much-functional unit with an ergonomic heat resistant handle and ceramic iron brush. The cord swivels 360 degrees which makes styling a breeze, and I love how the brush messages my scalp while I’m brushing my hair.

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The unit has a blue back-lit LCD with 6 temperature settings from 330 to 430 degrees, and there is an auto shut-off safety feature. I use a heat protectant spray before styling my hair, and find this works best for my hair. The brush locks in moisture, and leaves my hair smooth and shiny. Easier to use than a normal hair straightener and quicker too! It creates a salon finish each and every time. I love it for this reason, and it’s cheaper than going to the salon to get my hair styled. 

I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


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