Neat-O Over the Cabinet Trash Can Basket Storage Organizer Holder (Kitchen) ~ Review

Excellent for under sink cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom or for use in storage cabinets. The unit is constructed from strong steel, and provides strength and durability used as a trash container or for storage items. Comes in a black finish with non scratch coating. It’s easy to install, simply hang it over your cabinet door. There are foam pads for the hooks that offer additional door protection.

Trash bags or other items can be removed and replaced easily. It’s easy to clean and maintain, providing a clean look for your kitchen or bathroom. A nice way to simplify the kitchen and get the waste bins off the floor. I have my unit right under the sink, and it’s so handy. I’m thinking of getting a couple more for holding wax paper, foil, and other like items. Keeps trash and odors hidden away inside my cabinet. I’m really happy to own this trash can. It would also be of great use in a laundry room.

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I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


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