Portable Laptop Cart ~ Review

FurnitureR Mobile Laptop Computer Stand Desk Portable Laptop Cart Reading Holder with Swivel Beige Top and Casters/Wheel.

I’m so pleased with the portable laptop stand/cart. This stand arrived well packaged, and all parts inside the box. It comes in 3 colors of: black, mobile-black, and beige. It’s made well, and is very sturdy. It has an adjustable height feature for convenience. It’s completely mobile, and so easy to roll on the castors.


This is a nice stand for work or play. It can be used as a laptop stand, for reading books, eating, and for children to do crafts on. I can take the cart from room to room without any hassle. It would be great for elderly or sick people to use for an eating table. The adjustable height makes it perfect to use with a chair, sofa or bed. 3 height levels from 67 to 79CM.

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I suggest cleaning with a dry or damp cloth, and using a drink coaster for beverages. I use my stand for various purposes, and it is very handy to have around the home.

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted price. This review is my own honest and unbiased opinion.


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