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Yogurt Starter Cultures – Pack of 3 Freeze-dried Culture Sachets for Balkan Style Plain Yogurt Campaign

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Reviewer’s Note: A sample of the product discussed here was provided at a reduced cost in exchange for my honest review.

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I received a pack of 3 sachets for making Balkin style plain yogurt. Each packet contains freeze dried culture, and each one is enough to make 7 jars in my yogurt maker.


I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making my own yogurt, and this seemed like the perfect time to do it. The price of ready made yogurt can get expensive, and making my own gives me the opportunity to add fruits, nuts, or whatever I want to the finished product.

Why bother making yogurt at home? Well, homemade yogurt is so good tasting, very cheap to make, and not very difficult to do.

I used a yogurt maker,  and followed the directions on the yogurtathome website.

1. Heat/boil 1L or about 1 US liquid quart (for USA)of milk to 65°C (149°F)degrees.

2. Leave it for about 30-45 minutes until the milk cools down to (104 F -113 F).

3. Add the content of the sachet and mix very well. The sides of container should feel warm to touch, but not hot.

4. Pour the mixture in sterilized jars and incubate (104 F – 113F). Do not stir or shake. I let this batch incubate for 12 hours.

5. After yogurt is cooked, add lids, and refrigerate.

My very first batch came out great. I poured the contents of one jar in a bowl, and added some chopped strawberries! This is a very nice treat! I’m looking forward to making the next batch.




Purest Naturals Hair Detangler Spray ~ review

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This product has so many wonderful benefits and leaves my hair looking and feeling fantastic. Made with ingredients like: Castor & Neem Oils, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and essentials oils. The hair detangler and leave-in conditioner combination makes my hair look so much healthier, it’s moisturized, shiny, soft, silky, and protects my hair from heat styling. Perfect for use with my heat straightening brush, or simply air drying.

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This detangling spray will help quench and separate the toughest tangles. A light leave-in conditioner that doesn’t feel tacky or sticky, and never leaves a heavy feel. I find it helps to prevent breakage and makes my favorite comb glide through my hair with ease. No more ouch! Great for both men and women to use and terrific for those with a sensitive scalp.
No harsh chemicals in this formula. I absolutely love this product!